We assist and support you!

Drawing on our substantial experience, we are aware of not only the national but also the local realities in the economic areas of cantons Zug and Zurich as well as the cantons of central Switzerland. Due to our excellent network, we are also on hand for consulting in national and international companies.

We assist you with the financial management of your company and support you with time-intensive, administrative activities beyond the scope of your core competence. For this, we offer processing and verification of relevant financial key figures and assist you with reorganization, restructuring or corporate succession.

In cooperation with our partners at the law firm Reichlin Hess AG, we furthermore resolve legal issues as well as complex international tax issues for you.

Our cooperation can be based on a partnership for clearly defined specific tasks, or we can offer to disburden you completely from all tasks within a defined range of operations.

Our specialists are your competent personal contacts. They constantly upgrade their knowhow in a purposeful way and thus are optimally trained to support you in a successful and sustained manner.